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IGF-IInsulin/Insulin-Like Growth Factor I (protein)
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IGF-I (insulin-like growth factor-I) is a peptide hormone, produced predominantly by the liver in response to pituitary GH (growth hormone), which is involved in a wide variety of physiological processes.
Steven Levison, Ph.D., and Teresa Wood, Ph.D., of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDN.T)-New Jersey Medical School and colleagues now show that IGF-I and -II cooperate to maintain NSC numbers and the NSCs' ability to self-renew.
Luteolin inhibited the growth stimulatory effect of IGF-I and the team led by Prof Jung Han Yoon Park found that luteolin affected cell signaling pathways which are activated by IGF-I in cancer.
The identification of the intensity and timing of a patients' growth spurt with the estimation of serum IGF-I levels could be made more predictive with more availability of longitudinal data which could in the near future label this biologic marker a reliable predictor of normal and residual facial growth.
The diagnosis must be supported by biochemical and neuroradiological results, that is, blunted GH response to at least two pharmacological stimuli, low concentration of IGF-I, and morphological abnormalities of the hypothalamus-pituitary axis, respectively [4].
Cytokines and growth factors, including IGF-I, act on macrophage leishmanicidal or parasite growth-promoting mechanisms.
Despite these advances, the optimal target IGF-I level has not been established to balance height outcomes, safety, and cost.
The increased GH stimulates production of insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-I), which mediates many of the growth-promoting effects of GH in target organs, including bone, cartilage, and soft tissue.
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