IGFALSInsulin-Like Growth Factor-Binding Protein, Acid-Labile Subunit
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Martinez et al., "Heterozygous IGFALS gene variants in idiopathic short stature and normal children: impact on height and the IGF system," Hormone Research in Pediatrics, vol.
tyrosine phosphatase beta Matrilin 2 1e-34 Collagen XXIX alpha 1 Netrin G1 0 Human netrin-1 Osteomodulin 3e-27 Similar to insulin-like growth factor binding protein, acid labiles subunit (IGFALS) Podocan 1e-40 Leucine-rich-repeat cont.
COL1A1 Alpha 1 subund of type I collagen ANKTMI Ankyrh-like protein FMOD Fibromodulin MGC3047 Containing two Immunogbbulin (Ig) domains PCDH17 Containing five cadherin domains DKFZP564L0862 Similar to ankyrh repeat (Asb1) LTBP7 Latent transforming growth factor beta binding prod LUM Lumican CSPG4 Chondrodin suffate proteoglycan 4 Cell signaling 1964086 (IMP-1) IGF-II mRNA-binding protein 1 1_931758 Similar to IGFALS SYCP2 Synaptonemal complex protein 2 MGC26655 Similar to RaP2 interacting protein 8, Ras pathway RGS7 Regulator of G protein sgnaling 7, G protein pathway KCNJ3 Signal Tronsduction/G protein pathway GFRA7 GDNF family receptor alpha 1 PPARGCI Peroxisome prolif.