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IGFBP4IGF (Insulin Growth Factor)-Binding Protein 4
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[26.] Shen Q, Singh P Identification of a novel SP3 binding site in the promoter of human IGFBP4 gene: role of SP3 and AP-1 in regulating promoter activity in CaCo2 cells.
IGFBP4 is an IGF1-binding protein regulating the bioavailability of IGF1, which is a pathway previously described to be active in CPCs [36], and highly regulated particularly in 3D spheroid culture conditions [56].
The two novel markers we identified, B2M and IGFBP4, have the potential to help elucidate hormone therapy effects on the cardiovascular diseases as observed in the WHI randomized controlled trials".
The researchers identified five proteins, LCN2, REG1A, REG3, TIMP1, and IGFBP4, which were consistently found in mice with precancerous growths called pancreatic intraepithelial neoplasia but not in mice with fully developed cancer or healthy control mice.