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IGFIInsulin-Like Growth Factor-I (also seen as IGF-1)
IGFIInspector General of Financial Institutions (Canada)
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These results were in agreement with the reports of several other investigators who estimated the circulating and local tissue levels of IGFI in acne patients using ELISA and immunohistochemistry technique, respectively [7, 17, 30-32].
En bovinos sometidos a una circulacion reducida del IGFI, es probable que haya una menor respuesta en la reproduccion durante el periodo posparto.
A positive effect of IGFI on functional membrane integrity further suggests the role of RJ on spermatozoa membrane stability.
Reduced bone growth and bone formation as evident from decreased plasma IGFI, femoral length, and trabecular number may have contributed to reduced total calcium, magnesium and ash in the femurs from the ORX group.
Em experiencias feitas por Haymond e colaboradores, (2004) usando o GH e o IGFI, nao detectaram mudancas significativas com um ou outro composto na forca do musculo esqueletico usando dinamometria isocinetica, o tratamento foi realizado somente por oito semanas.
Co-expression of messenger ribonucleic acids encoding IGFI, IGF-II, type I and II IGF receptors and IGF-binding proteins (IGBP-1 to -6) during follicular development in the ovary of seasonally anoestrous ewes.