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IGFIInsulin-Like Growth Factor-I (also seen as IGF-1)
IGFIInspector General of Financial Institutions (Canada)
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On the other hand, IGFI appeared to be more potent than insulin in stimulating GLUT1 expression, particularly at the myoblast stage [34].
In hypophysectomized STAT5b knock-out mice, GH treatment fails to increase hepatic IGFI mRNA and plasma IGF-I, suggesting that IGF-I expression is STAT5b-dependent (Davey et al.
While some studies have demonstrated no change in circulating IGF-I levels, in many others, exercise induced a transient increase in IGF-I levels resulting from acute release of IGFI from its binding proteins (BPs) (Kraemer and Ratamess, 2005).
A positive effect of IGFI on functional membrane integrity further suggests the role of RJ on spermatozoa membrane stability.