IGGIInter-Governmental Group on Indonesia
IGGIInternational Grass Genome Initiative
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Table--1 Loans pledged by IGGI, 1997/98, 2001-2003 Credit 1997/98 2001 2002 2003 Bilaterally 3,456.
Carver, President of IGGI and Agricultural Glycosystems, Inc.
We are excited to be working with IGGI and Agricultural
Salter, Vice President for Corporate Development of IGGI.
In rejecting the role of the Netherlands as permanent chairman of the IGGI, Indonesia said it is reacting to growing pressure from Dutch government officials critical of domestic Indonesian policies who are threatening to impose increasingly stringent conditions on Dutch loans and other financial aid to the large Southeast Asia archipelago nation.
As a consequence, Indonesia said, the Dutch chairmanship of the IGGI, in place since the lending group was established 24 years ago, would cease.
The IGGI, comprising 13 OECD countries and six multilateral organizations, was established in 1968 under the permanent chairmanship of the Netherlands.
Last year, at the annual meeting of the IGGI at The Hague, IGGI members pledged a record $4.