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IGGSInert Gas Generation System (aviation)
IGGSIpswich Girls Grammar School (Australia)
IGGSInternational Group for Geological Studies (Cairo, Egypt)
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Results: Administration of NBD IgG to cultured SH-SY5Y cells induced significantly increased cell death and apoptosis compared with other treatments.
To demonstrate the potential pathogenicity of these antibodies, serum immunoglobulin G (IgG) and IgG-depleted sera of NBD patients were administered to cultured SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cells, and the potential neurotoxicity of anti-neuronal IgG from NBD patients was analyzed by in vitro studies.
It has been shown that treatment of mice with a monoclonal anti-TF IgG Abs JAA-F11 inhibited lung metastasis and improved prognosis in a mouse breast cancer model [16] indicating that anti-TF humoral immune response has a therapeutic potential.
Serum samples obtained during the final examination of each child were screened for MCPyV IgG and TSPyV IgG.
Unlike the larger IgG antibodies, which can neutralize toxins for weeks, the smaller pieces that make up CroFab are often taken up by the kidneys before they've done their jobs.
Although ELISA was shown to be even more sensitive and reliable than immunodiffusion (9,10,15), its suboptimal specificity can lead to false-positive results, identifying clinically irrelevant IgG responses.
When Clyne and Kulczycki looked for bovine IgG in milk from 59 nursing mothers, they found that the concentrations averaged 31 percent higher in mothers with colicky babies than in those with noncolicky babies.
The usefulness of IgG food allergy to design customized elimination diets has now been documented in scientific studies.
amplexicaudatus bats, 5 (31%) captured at either the forest of Diliman (14[degrees]38'N, 121[degrees]2'E) or the forest of Quezon (14[degrees]10'N, 121[degrees]50'E) had positive results in the IgG ELISA for REBOV NP, and 5 (31%) captured at the forest of Quezon had positive results in the IgG ELISA for REBOV GP.
We illustrate the use of an internal IgG calibration curve and the detection of six autoantibodies: Jo-1 IgG, Sm IgG, Scl-70 IgG, RNP/Sm IgG, SSB/La IgG and SSA/Ro IgG in patient serum samples.
Results: IgGSc concentrations in CRM 470 were as follows: IgG1, 5028 mg/L; IgG2, 3418 mg/L; IgG3, 579 mg/L, and IgG4, 381 mg/L, with a total IgG concentration of 9406 mg/L, 2.83% below the certified total IgG value of 9680 mg/L.