IGHAInternational Generic Horse Association (San Pedro, CA)
IGHAIndependent Group for Health In Africa
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Richard Johnson describes the "devilish rites" of a Samoed priest: "Then he singeth as we use here in England to hallow, whope, and showte at houndes, and the rest of the company answere him with this Owtis, Igha, Igha, Igha, and then the Priest replieth again with his voyces" (1.
And when he had lyen still a litle while, they cried thus three times togther, Oghao, Oghao, Oghao, and as they use these three calles, hee riseth with his head and lieth downe againe, and then hee rose up and sang with like voyces as he did before: and his audience answered him, Igha, Igha, Igha.
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