IGIBInstitute of Genomics and Integrative Biology (New Delhi, India)
IGIBInternational Gateway Insurance Brokers, Inc. (Chula Vista, CA)
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The deal would also allow AIIMS Delhi to access the state of the art genomics and bioinformatics infrastructure as well as the clinical genomics analytical resources at CSIR IGIB to enable fast, accurate and cost effective diagnosis of genetic diseases for patients coming to AIIMS Delhi.
CSIR IGIB has been a pioneer in translational genomics in India.
A complementary programme entitled Genomics and other Omics tools for Enabling Medical Decisions (GOMED) initiated last year at CSIR IGIB enables affordable and equitable access to genetic diagnosis.
Whether Aware IGIB Percentage IICB (n=51) Percentage with e-Journals (n=44) Consortium Yes 44 100.
Table I: Frequency of Visiting Library Frequency IGIB (n=44) Percentage IICB (n=51) Percentage Daily 9 20.
Towards this goal IGIB has been actively carrying out research leading to generation of new knowledge and development of technologies in various areas of Biotechnology with a special focus on Genomics and Genome Informatics.
The star of the launch, though, wasn't French, but real- life heroes from his book present in the audience -- IGIB scientist Arijit Mukhopadhyay, and Harry Potterlookalike Aditya Dar, who appears as Arun Kaul in French's book.
IGIB's supercomputer will be the most powerful HP supercomputer in Asia and will vault IGIB into the ranks of global research institutions such as Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, Sandia National Laboratory and Los Alamos National Laboratory that have implemented ultra-scaleable, multi-teraflop HP supercomputing systems.
This technology, combined with HP's experience and expertise in life sciences, helps IGIB speed access to information, knowledge and new levels of efficiency, which we hope will ultimately culminate in the discovery of new drug targets and predictive medicine for complex disorders with minimum side effects.
By working with HP to help develop medical informatics opportunities in India, IGIB now can accelerate the pace of innovation while driving greater cost savings and productivity, and responding quickly to new opportunities and change," said Winston Prather, vice president and general manager, High Performance Computing Division, HP.
The IGIB center will also have a 24-node high-performance HP ProLiant cluster running Linux and a powerful HP Integrity Superdome server, which will be used for experimental projects.