IGIMI.G. (Investors Group) Investment Management Ltd.
IGIMImmune Globulin for Intramuscular Administration
IGIMI Got It Made
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Preliminary analysis of data from epidemiologic studies suggests that HCV transmission is not related to the administration of other IGIV products or IGIM, and there is no need for change in the use of these products.
IGIM specifically disclaims any beneficial ownership of the reported shares, but as investment manager it maintains exclusive power to exercise investment control or direction over such shares for its managed accounts.
IGIM managed accounts may from time to time acquire additional shares, dispose of some or all of the existing or additional shares or may continue to hold the shares.
To the best of its knowledge, IGIM and its managed account do not in the ordinary course of business receive material facts or changes about the Issuers referred to above which have not been publicly disclosed.
Neither IGIM nor any ot its managed accounts presently intend to:
Neither IGIM nor may of its managed accounts presently intend to:
and a member of the Power Financial group of companies, today announced that as a result of purchases and/or sales by one or more of its mutual fund and private client managed accounts during the month of April, 1996, the following changes occurred respecting Issuers in which IGIM held 10 percent or more of the Issuer's outstanding shares: -0-