IGJInspección General de Justicia (Spanish: General Inspection of Justice; Argentina)
IGJInstitute for Global Justice (Netherlands)
IGJInternational Gestalt Journal (psychology)
IGJInternationales Geophysikalisches Jahr (German: International Geophysical Year)
IGJInternalized Gap Junction (cell tissue research)
IGJInspector General of Justice (Argentina)
IGJIntolerancia Glicose (Spanish: glucose intolerance)
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Esto se puso en evidencia a fines del siglo XIX cuando la IGJ asumio las funciones de superintendencia que las comisiones habian cumplido en sus primeros anos.
Moreover, we identified 2 novel GCassociatedgenes, IGJ and CXCL17, which have never been reported to be associated with GC before.
En esa resolucion se dispuso tambien que la IGJ puede exigir una cifra superior a la fijada en el acto constitutivo (aun en la constitucion de sociedades por acciones con la cifra minima del articulo 186 de la Ley General de Sociedades) si advierte que, en virtud de la pluralidad de actividades, el capital social resulta manifiestamente inadecuado.
We are ready to believe that they are practically minor gods--that they know everything and possess all manner of mysterious powers, but they must seem perfectly ordinary to themselves." Wolfe, IGJ, 240.
[while] those who occupy posts and serve [in the administration of the occupied territories] are anxious about possible reprisals." See DANIC fond IGJ, dos.
Any jump at time (t) generates an over-(abnormal)return [OrT = (IGJ)/P] for the investors so that the total short-term return (r) from the investment will differ from the equilibrium level (k) estimated in the CAPM or the APT models.
In cases against heads of state before the ICC, it may be, and has been, (21) argued that the ICC possesses the capacity to abrogate such defendants' immunity, because it presides over an international jurisdiction and that head of state immunity cannot apply before international courts, as per the above exception affirmed by the IGJ in the Arrest Warrant case.
||[||F is the Frobenius norm; sgj and sg2 are service vector parameters, which correspond to a 1 x [N.sub.t] channel matrix with the pass loss, fading and shadowing effect; igj and ig2 are interference vector parameters, which correspond to a 1 x nt interference channel matrix.
El Registro de Cultos mantenia el privilegio de la personeria juridica publica para la Iglesia Catolica, mientras que el resto de las confesiones debia inscribirse a su vez como "asociaciones civiles" en la Inspeccion General de Justicia (IGJ), situacion que se mantiene hasta nuestros dias.
Keiretsu firms are manually identified using the 1986/87, 1994, and 1999 issues of Industrial Grouping in Japan (IGJ) published by Dodwell Marketing Consultants.
Normas Contables Profesionales de la FACPCE, CPCECABA, CNV y IGJ. La Ley.
Se dictaron normas de emergencia (quiebras, laboral), se puso control de cambios y encaje (Banco Central); se dictaron nuevas normas de la IGJ que afectan un presupuesto legal basico del VC: el aislamiento del riesgo mediante SPVs "Holdi ng" extranjeras y la responsabilidad limitada.