IGKInstituto Guga Kuerten (Portuguese; Brazilian humanitarian organization)
IGKIdeh Gostar Kaveh (Persian; Iranian industrial equipment company)
IGKInternational Goju Karatedo
IGKIslamische Gemeinde Kiel (German: Kiel Islamic Community; Kiel, Germany)
IGKImage Guided Technologies, Inc. (former stock symbol; now delisted)
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23 /PRNewswire/ -- Interface Systems (Nasdaq: INTF) today announced the sale of its subsidiary, IGK Industries, Inc.
IGK develops new drugs and patents for Kalbe Farma to market globally; one of its leading products is Kalsolac, for the treatment of traumatic brain injury.
No case (0%) had 2 clonal peaks with all 5 or with 4 of the primer combinations tested (IGH FR1, IGH FR2, IGH FR3, IGK VJ, and IGK VKde) (Figure 3).
The IGK is an Islamist movement in Iraqi Kurdistan region.
Established in Singapore in July 2003, IGK develops and
Naylor Company; IGK Equestrian, 2011; Mercer Milling Co.
Ad & PR ag accts: Afgritech, 2012; AgroChem, 2012; Conewango, 2012; Evolution Liners, 2012; IGK Equestrian, 2011; Lansing Trade Group, 2012; Mercer Milling Co.
Tenders are invited for Arranging Power Supply to 5 HP GK IP Set to 2 SC IGK Total Turn Key Basis.
However, in clinicopathological diagnosis of neoplasms, the sensitivity of the applied methods that should be 100%, Therefore, in addition analysis of IGH gene rearrangements, IGK, IGH D-J, and IGL clonality assessments seems to be required for optimal sensitivity diagnosis.
The set of new SkyMinder providers include: Asian CIS, CIMEX, Equifax, ICP, IGK Balt, Mecos, Mega Company Services, Vivid Management and Worldbox.
IGK will initially target head & neck cancer for which
The IGK preferred the Kurdistan Region parties to take on the coming Iraqi elections as a united front to enhance the Kurdish position in Iraq, but this front could not be established; thus, the IGK decided to take part in that election as an independent list," announced Abdul-Sattar Majeed, IGK politburo member and spokesman.