IGKInstituto Guga Kuerten (Portuguese; Brazilian humanitarian organization)
IGKIslamische Gemeinde Kiel (German: Kiel Islamic Community; Kiel, Germany)
IGKIdeh Gostar Kaveh (Persian; Iranian industrial equipment company)
IGKImage Guided Technologies, Inc. (former stock symbol; now delisted)
IGKInternational Goju Karatedo
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For each IGH or IGK recombination, insertion of nucleotides occurs at the VDJ or VK-Kde/RSS-Kde junctions respectively leading to the N-region, which constitutes a molecular sequence tag for each lymphocyte (13-16).
Then the eigenvectors is characterized by IGK clustering.
Ad & PR ag accts: Afgritech, 2012; AgroChem, 2012; Conewango, 2012; Evolution Liners, 2012; IGK Equestrian, 2011; Lansing Trade Group, 2012; Mercer Milling Co., 2010; NBF Plastics, 2012; North Brook Farms, 2011; Skellerup USA (Quatro Boots), 2014
However, in clinicopathological diagnosis of neoplasms, the sensitivity of the applied methods that should be 100%, Therefore, in addition analysis of IGH gene rearrangements, IGK, IGH D-J, and IGL clonality assessments seems to be required for optimal sensitivity diagnosis.
The final stage of writing this article has greatly benefited from a fellowship granted by the IGK Arbeit und Lebenslauf in globalgeschichtlicher Perspektive of Humboldt Universitat zu Berlin during the 2013/14 academic year.
Boyd) [31, 32] and IL-8 and IgK gene enhancer regions which have been already described [33-36].
However, the core biopsy revealed two IGK (134 bp and 235 bp) and one IGL (156 bp) clonally rearranged populations by the Multiplex polymerase chain reaction (1) in targeted regions.
We also identified 34 proteins in the albumin-bound fraction, four of which were significantly elevated in patients with FECD including a hemoglobin fragment, immunoglobulin kappa (IgK) and immunoglobulin lambda (IgL) (P [less than or equal to] 0.01).
cDNA encoding extracellular domain of human LOX-1 (amino acids 61-273) was subcloned into pEF6/V5-His with IgK secretion signal leader peptide from pSecTag (Invitrogen) to express soluble recombinant LOX-1, which is C-terminally tagged with V5-[(His).sub.6].
The anthem should be replaced or these specific parts should be changed," said Abdul-Satar Majeed, spokesman and politburo member of the IGK, speaking to Kurdish media.