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IGLASIntegrated Ledger Accounting System
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The Islamic State group is known to have Russian-made Igla anti-aircraft missiles.
Iglas says: "I chose Cancer Research because it's my school house's charity of the year.
The Strela-2 (SA-7) and -3 (SA-14), Igla-1 (SA-16), and Igla (SA-18) are much more easy to get than Western systems, while Igla is just as capable as the US Stinger.
Carrying a somewhat unfortunate acronym that stands for Mistral Co-ordination Post, this system definitely solved one of the biggest shortcoming of lightweight missiles -- and this includes the lighter Stingers and Iglas.
In 1997, the factory of PT Iglas was relocated to Gresik as the Surabaya city administration planned to transform area in its original location into a centra business district.
During the First Chechen War, these "smart" weapons recognized Russian friend-or-foe systems as friendly and would not activate, but by the beginning of the Second Chechen War, the Chechens had learned how to rewire some of the Igla missiles to override those systems.
Tenders are invited for Special repair of hathras iglas road to ehvaranpur via lahra jogiya road.
Iglas have turned up in the hands of insurgent forces and criminal groups outside government control.
Tenders are invited for Carrying out the various types line maintenance work in edsd-ii, under edd-iv, iglas
Tenders are invited for Slez farm iglas road bhoomi par farming ke liye
Mobile Van With Driver Under Edd-Iv, Iglas And Edd-V, Khair And Edd-Vi, Aligarh
Tenders are invited for Construction Of Community Toilet Moh Habudan Back Side Dauji Temple In Np Iglas