IGLHInstitutio Generalis Liturgiae Horarum (Latin: General Instruction for the Liturgy of the Hours)
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VVWORD search J K L PO IGLH AFYJEMJIG VDOEX SNHL J SRKEPMOI KNKLT JI IN D E WN E BNYG KX E UR GMFF AS P PF JOEI YUHTSNOXE XD E E C OROL KLHT IMMJD Find the names of four British racecourses (Names can appear vertically, horizontally, diagonally, backwards or forwards) Answer on page 67 VVALL mixed up rearrange the letters to reveal the name of a jockey made more famous by a novel change of direction in his life I find cracks (4,7) Answer on page 67 Compiled by Lawrie Kelsey and Daniel Hill
AMBROSIO, De Officiis minutrorum, I, 20, 88, citado en IGLH 56 (CCL 15, 33).