IGLHRCInternational Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (since 1991; San Francisco)
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IGLHRC was founded to encourage mainstream human rights groups to pay attention to LGBT rights, but as that mission has proven successful, the focus has evolved to prioritizing LGBT-specific needs.
At the IGLHRC award reception in San Francisco last May, Morcos insisted that all the women of ASWAT shared the honor with her: "An organization is meaningless without all the people who make it up.
In June 2001, when the San Francisco-based International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC, a UN-accredited nongovernmental organization) sought to make a three-minute presentation about discrimination during a UN conference on HIV, an alliance of Islamic countries sought--unsuccessfully--to block the presentation on the grounds that IGLHRC promoted immoral behavior.
IGLHRC director Paula Ettelbrick described Archbishop Tutu as "a rare and special individual who embodies human rights and morality.
International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, IGLHRC, Latin American Program;
IGLHRC has begun collecting donations for the care of Eddy's 10-year-old son as well as the Sierra Leone Lesbian and Gay Association.
Coining the phrase the "gay international" in reference to international Western-oriented mainstream gay and lesbian organizations, Massad offers his analysis of how organizations such as ILGA and IGLHRC have become cultural imperialism's most flamboyant emissary in the non-Western world.
The Cairo 52 is not an isolated case," said Scott Long of the IGLHRC.
151) Human Rights Watch & International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, Public Scandals: Sexual Orientation and Criminal Law in Romania (New York: Human Rights Watch and IGLHRC, 1998) at 2.
It is being hailed by IGLHRC, ICJ, and Alternatives-Cameroun--three groups that have worked internationally and locally on behalf of the men since their arrest in May 2005--as a major human rights victory for same-gender loving people in Africa.
Ximena Machicao--REPEM Alejandra Sarda - Articulacion Feminista MARCOSUR and the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, IGLHRC.