IGLTAInternational Gay and Lesbian Travel Association
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Detalles bioquimicos: LysA (-), IMLTa (+), LeuA (+), ARG (+), ERYa (- ), GLYLa(+), TyrA (-), BNAG (-), ARBa (+), AMYa (-), dGALa (+), GENa (-), dGLUa (+), LACa (+), MadGa (+), dCELa (+), GGT (+), dMALa (+), dRAFa (+), NAGA1 (-), dMNEa (+), dMELa (+), dMLZa (+), ISBEa (-), IRHAa (-), XLTa (-), dSORa (+), SACa (+), URE (-), AGLU (+), dTURa (+), dTREa (+), NO3a (-), IARA (+), dGATa (+), ESC (+), IGLTa (+), dXYLa (+), LATa (+), ACEa (+), CITa (+), GRTas (+), IPROa (+), 2KGa (+), NAGa (+), dGNTa (+).
Curacao boasts an impressive number of hotels and attractions with IGLTA memberships, which reflects its "Live and Let Live" philosophy to embrace all travelers.
El redescubrimiento de estos viajeros con el inicio del siglo XXI ha significado entender una poblacion que por razones como la hostilidad en sus lugares de residencia, no dejo de viajar en momentos como la crisis del terrorismo mundial en 2001 y ha empezado a ganar visibilidad en temas como la politica y la farandula, con personalidades que con orgullo se afirman como parte de este colectivo al publico general; el nacimiento de destinos donde se empieza a ganar equidad en materia de derechos como el matrimonio igualitario; el activismo de ONG que luchen por sus derechos y ademas los validen como consumidores, empleados y parte integral de la sociedad, entre otros (GUARACINO, 2007; IGLTA, OMT, 2012).
IGLTA is focused on connecting and educating lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender travelers and the businesses that welcome and support them along the way.
Paige Dunn, regional director of sales and marketing for Kimpton Boutique Hotels, which runs the Hotel Rouge, points out that the hotel has gay employees, has a strict nondiscrimination clause, is an active member of IGLTA, and has sponsored several gay events, including hosting a trip last year for members of the gay press.
Red Roof, a leader in the economy lodging segment has partnered with the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA) to offer chain-wide discounts to the Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Transgendered (LGBT) Community and Association members.
Hanns' love for travel and all-male company led him to create the first organized trip for gay men in 1972, earning him the moniker of "inventor of gay travel." In 2004, the IGLTA (International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association) named him "Pioneer of Gay Travel" and honored him by calling their annual citation the Hanns Ebensten IGLTA Hall of Fame Award.
Underscoring Wilson's report, IGLTA member Vivianne Schael says business at her Seal Beach, Calif.-based Da/Si Tours, which specializes in trips to Spain and the Iberian Peninsula for upscale gay clientele, dropped slightly after September 11 but then picked up again immediately after the new year.
This welcoming community, proud member of the IGLTA and openly supportive of associations such as GLAAD, HMI and the GMHC, embraces all its visitors.
A proud member of the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA), EcoCircuitos was founded by Panamanian Annie Young in 1999, and began by offering unique travel itineraries throughout Panama with extension options in Central America.
Germany In honor of the Gay Games being held in Cologne, Germany, this year and as member of the International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA), Rail Europe Inc.
A rising climate of intolerance, coupled with the country's refusal to grant human rights protections to gays and lesbians despite international pressure, led the IGLTA to officially condemn Jamaica "for failing to ensure the safety, welfare, and comfort of gays and lesbians living on and visiting the island."