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IGMIndexed GEDCOM Method
IGMIntergalactic Medium (astronomy, cosmology)
IGMInstituto Geográfico Militar (Spanish)
IGMInsanely Great Mac
IGMIstituto Geografico Militare (Italy)
IGMIntergovernmental Meeting
IGMInternet Grateful Med
IGMIstituto Di Genetica Molecolare (Italy; CNR)
IGMInternational Grandmaster (chess)
IGMInstitut für Geschichte der Medizin der Robert Bosch Stiftung (German)
IGMInstitute of Genetic Medicine (Johns Hopkins Medicine)
IGMIndustrija Gradbenega Materiala (Slovenia)
IGMInstituto de Genetica Medica (Portugese)
IGMImport General Manifest (Pakistan customs)
IGMInstitut de Génétique et Microbiologie (French: Institute of Genetics and Microbiology)
IGMInternet Game Maker
IGMIntersex Genital Mutilation
IGMInternational Golf Maintenance
IGMIntragroup Medium
IGMInstitut für Geophysik und Meteorologie (German)
IGMInstantaneous Gain Modulation
IGMIntergalactic Media
IGMInstituto Geológico Mineiro (Portugal: Institute for Geology and Mining)
IGMKingman, AZ, USA - Mohave County (Airport Code)
IGMI Got Mine
IGMIndustrial Ghetto Metal (band)
IGMIntergas Marketing
IGMIterative Guidance Mode
IGMInstitute for Global Mobility
IGMIntegrated Geological Modelling
IGMInstitute for Global Management
IGMIngenieurgesellschaft für Geophysikalische Messtechnik (German)
IGMInterest Group Meetings (Canada)
IGMInformatique Gestion Management (French)
IGMIgnoring Gravity Music
IGMInternational Granite and Marble, Corporation
IGMIspettorato Generale Motorizzazione (Italian)
IGMInput Grooming Module
IGMInternational Graphic Machinery (Belgium)
IGMIngo G Michel
IGMIndustriegewerkschaf Metall (Labor Union Metal)
IGMInhomogeneous Gibbs Models
IGMInternal Growth Manager
IGMInternet Gateway Multicast
IGMIndustrija Gradevinskog Materijala (Serbia and Montenegro)
IGMInstitute of Global Movers (Australia)
IGMIn-Game Mail (computer gaming communication)
IgMImmunoglobulin M (antibody)
IGMIn-Garrison Maintenance (US Air Force)
IGMInheritable Genetic Modification
IGMImage Geometry Model
IGMIGetMail (Lockstep)
IGMInforma Global Markets
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Acute hepatitis A infection is diagnosed by the combination of an appropriate clinical presentation and laboratory testing with IgM anti-HAV.
ELISAs from both companies detected o'nyong-nyong virus IgM and IgG.
Vital tests like Rubella IgM and HbeAg are being conducted by using kits with lapsed expiry dates.
a leader in rapid diagnostic assays, is pleased to announce its study " Sensitivity of a rapid point of care assay for early HIV antibody detection is enhanced by its affinity for HIV gp41 IgM antibodies" has been published in the Journal of Clinical Virology.
The acquisition of IGM Resins further builds on Arsenal's broad portfolio and established expertise in the specialty chemicals and materials sectors.
Recent parvovirus B19 infection as determined by the presence of serum IgM antibodies was found in 6 of 35 (17.
Treatment of IGM has been conservative, allowing mild disease to recover.
The strips were then incubated with horseradish peroxidase (HRP)-conjugated antihuman IgM (Invitrogen) (1:1000 in PBS-T containing 1% BSA) for 30 min, then washed twice with PBS-T for 10 min, and developed with diamino benzaldehyde (DAB)(Hi-Media) for 15 min in dark.
Of the 121 donors screened for anti- CMV IgM (Table I), only 19.
Visible pinkish-purple horizontal bands appear in the test area if the concentration of the WNV IgM antibodies in the human serum sample is above the cutoff concentration in relation to the comparator device.
The results indicated that VZV-specific IgM was negative [< 1:20; Merifluor VZV IgM indirect fluorescent antibody, (IFA); Meridian Bioscience Inc.
For example, an elderly patient presents with 4 days of confusion and tremor, and her serum IgM is positive for West Nile virus on enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA).