IGMIIstituto Geografico Militare Italiano (Italian: Italian Military Geographical Institute; Florence, Italy)
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1B) was prepared by interpolating the digital contour lines obtained from IGMI topographic maps.
IGMI is using the NEXTMap elevation data to improve the national geospatial data infrastructure in Italy.
We are pleased to expand our relationship with the IGMI beyond the initial program we performed in 2005 as the country prepared for the Torino Olympics," stated Adam Denman, Intermap's vice president & general manager, Europe.
IGMI defines the country's standards and works with other public institutions to define the national cartography and digital data standard specifications for all data scales.
On November 12, 2004, IGMI entered into an Option to Lease all property and assets of the Mount Hope Molybdenum Property from Mt.
With successful completion of our feasibility, IGMI will not only start the permitting immediately, but will begin final engineering efforts in support of the permitting and will appoint a project team and environmental contractors," Russell said.