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IGMPInternet Group Management Protocol (IP)
IGMPInternet Group Multicast Protocol
IGMPInternet Group Management Protocol
IGMPInternet Group Messaging Protocol
IGMPInternet Group Membership Protocol
IGMPInternet Group Message Protocol (networking)
IGMPInternet Gateway Message Protocol
IGMPInstallation Generic Monitoring Plan
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Thereafter is the network delay, which is the time it takes for the requested channel to arrive after the initiation of the IGMP join group message.
Once the IPTV user presses the button on the remote control to change the channel, the STB will immediately send one FCC request to the FCC server to request the unicast in parallel with an IGMP leave message in order to leave the previous multicast group corresponding to the previous channel.
To create the tree, interested users send messages through a multicast group management protocol like IGMP or MLD.
Numerous sequential delays are encountered during this process including the command processing time to send out the requests, IGMP processing time to manage the requests, network delay times for packets travelling to and from the STB and the IGMP processing device, STB processing of the incoming video stream, and the TV display time.
Potential receivers join the shared tree by sending an Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) join request to their local designated routers (DRs).
ODVA recommends specific design strategies to ensure optimized network performance such as segmentation (isolating sub-networks), the use of managed layer three switches (IGMP snooping and multicast packet filtering) and high speed network infrastructure (100Base-T or faster).
Command processing time is the delay between time instance when the user process to select a new channel and the time instance when the IGMP Join message was transmitted into the network and processes.
-- Signature-based DoS/DDoS Shield - safeguarding from DoS and Distributed DoS (DDoS) attacks using a signature-based mechanism to mitigate TCP, UDP, ICMP or IGMP floods, packet anomalies as well as known DoS attacking tools
With the support of STP, WMM, and IGMP snooping protocols, the EKI-6311GN is asserted to improve the reliability of wireless connectivity.
Best of breed infrastructure components will also offer the benefits of IGMP (Internet Group Management Protocol) software as standard.
UDP multicast coded MPEG-2 (Motion Pictures Expert Group) traffic comes out of coder, it is redirected via CPE router into IP network if there is an IGMP (Internet Group Message Protocol) message for group access on the side of CPE equipment then the signal leads to the decoder via CPE (Szigeti & Hattingh, 2004).