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IGNISInstitute for Global Networking, Information and Studies (Norway)
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What substitute can there be imagined for this ignis fatuus in finance, but that of permitting the national government to raise its own revenues by the ordinary methods of taxation authorized in every well-ordered constitution of civil government?
It may be only an ignis fatuus, after all, but it can do no harm to follow it with my eyes and rejoice in its lustre, as long as it does not lure me from the path I ought to keep; and I think it will not, for I have thought deeply on my aunt's advice, and I see clearly, now, the folly of throwing myself away on one that is unworthy of all the love I have to give, and incapable of responding to the best and deepest feelings of my inmost heart - so clearly, that even if I should see him again, and if he should remember me and love me still (which, alas
Bush," he said, "in believing that some ignis fatuus of the imagination has deceived Abiram, in the signs or symptoms of which he has spoken.
Anyway, the Ignis Adventure costs PS13,999 and features all the kit that comes with the SZ-T trim, but adds a rear spoiler, side mouldings, front and rear skid plates, coloured front grille centre bar and decal set.
I'm a huge fan of the Ignis because it is a major technical achievement.
com/en/episode-ignis) Episode Ignis " DLC that's scheduled for release on Wednesday, Dec.
Driving the Ignis as though my trousers were on fire failed to drag the trip reading below 60mpg and even better was easily available with a little restraint.
There can't be a more spacious car on the market that fills the modest shadow cast by the Ignis.
Members of the Northern Group of Motoring Writers placed the Ignis top of a list that covered every new model introduced over 12 months.
From the outside, the Ignis - from the Latin for fire - is an unassuming, if cheeky-looking, little car.
69 wide, the Ignis really is a city car with small SUV styling.
If ever a car was misnamed - Ignis means 'fire' in Latin - surely it was that one.