IGNUInterim Government of National Unity (Liberia)
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In contrast to the IGNU, which controlled only the Monrovia area, the NPRAG controlled about 90 percent of Liberia, which became known as Greater Liberia.
At the time of the Cotonou Accord in 1993 the warring factions included the NPFL and ULIMO; thus, the Council of State called for the IGNU, NPFL, ULIMO, and two additional representatives that would be jointly selected (United Nations Security Council, 1993a: Part II Political Issues, Section B, Article 14(c)).
To arrive at demobilization, the agreements between the NPFL and the IGNU displayed the increasing presence of the dual administration in Liberia--forcing each group to acknowledge the other.
On 15 October 1992, the NPFL, which had previously been taking part in international peace negotiations, launched a surprise attack on the centre of Monrovia which was defended by ECOMOG with assistance from forces which acknowledged political allegiance to President Sawyer and his IGNU.
In one of these papers, Ignus Rautenbach accurately predicted that "[h]uman rights should and will most probably feature in some or other form in a new negotiated South African constitutional dispensation.
Deconstruct would execute soft strip, demolition, piling and structural alterations on behalf of client Ignus UK Property Fund, who was reded by Paragon Building Consultancy Ltd.
Stephen has up until recently been Managing Director of Ignus Renewable Energy Ltd, which designs and develops biomass combined heat and power (CHP) projects.