IGOHInterim Government of Haiti
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Not having a tape recorder, our method, day by day, was for Igoh to dictate from memory to Patrick Ringkai, and then for me to work with Igoh on the resulting text, making detailed annotations that placed it in the context of the heroic ritual performance of which is was a part.
The IGOH was supportive of a stronger, more proactive asset seizure law, yet its temporary governmental mandate did not allow for the passage of new laws.
An interim government, the Interim Government of Haiti (IGOH), was established in March 2004 with a mandate to organize presidential and legislative elections.
The substantial part of the timang gawai amat (Parts I to VIII of Volume 2) was recorded in the Kapit district of Sarawak between July 1949 and January 1950 by Derek Freeman and his Iban assistant, Patrick Ringkai, from an Iban bard (lemambang), Igoh anak Impin, whom Freeman rightly describes as "a poet of genius" (p.