IGPDImidazole Glycerol-Phosphate Dehydratase (enzyme)
IGPDInstitute for Global Pharmaceutical Development (Arizona)
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Parameters measured for evaluation of the results from IGPD of PFCs in this series were: a) resolution of the PFC without surgery, b) duration of catheterization, c) IGPD failure and recurrence management, and d) morbidity and mortality.
Of the 149 patients evaluated in a multidisciplinary fashion by the HPB team, there were 28 patients deemed eligible for surgery who had PFCs with well-defined borders (pseudocysts), while 121 patients had IGPD. None of the 28 patients that underwent surgical drainage had severe pancreatitis.
Of the 121 patients that underwent IGPD of their PFCs, there were 77 (64%) males and 44 (36%) females.
IGPD was successful in achieving PFCs resolution without additional surgery in 102 (84 %) of 121 patients.
Failure of IGPD to resolve the PFCs occurred in five patients that developed PFCs recurrence after catheter removal.
There were no major procedure-related IGPD of PFCs complications.
There were no postprocedure deaths from IGPD, and we had one case of death in the group that required additional intra-abdominal operations.
Successful outcome of IGPD of PFCs depends on a demanding post-drainage patient and catheter management.
In spite of the definite value of IGPD for PFCs, prolonged duration of catheterization and repeated follow-up imaging and drainage revisions are the shortcomings of the technique.
IGPD, in our experience, was successful in achieving PFCs resolution in more than 84% of the cases, even though 48% of our patients had severe pancreatitis requiring ICU admission.