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IGRInsect Growth Regulator
IGRInstitut Gustave-Roussy (French cancer institute)
IGRIntergovernmental Review
IGRIntergenic Region (genetics)
IGRIn Game Reset (consoles)
IGRIndiana Guard Reserve
IGRInternal Growth Rate
IGRIguazu, Misiones, Argentina - Iguazu International (Airport Code)
IGRIntergroup Representative
IGRInteractive Grand Rounds
IGRInternational Government Relations (Group)
IGRInsulated Gate Rectifier
IGRImplied Growth Rate
IGRInverted GPS Range
IGRInvestment Grade Rating
IGRInternet Gateway Router (computer networking)
IGRInstitute of Genome Research
IGRIndustry-Government Relations
IGRInternational Gas Report (publication; Platts)
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We look forward to the outcome of the RFU's investigation and the ongoing collaboration between IGR and the International Rugby Board (IRB) in ending homophobia and other discrimination in Rugby.
SENTRY Fiproguard Plus IGR is an affordable alternative to FRONTLINE[sup.
The nanoparticles obtained for the larvicides, temephos and pirimiphos-methyl and the IGR, DPE28 were characterized using a scanning electron microscope (SEM-Hitachi S 3400) that scanned the surface of the sample in a raster pattern, utilizing an electron beam.
IGR (measured in percent body weight per day) was calculated using (LnW2-LnW1)/t x 100, where W2 and WI are the final and initial weight of the cuttlefish, respectively, Ln is the natural logarithm, and t is the number of days of the time period.
Already a dedicated marketing partner, Kramer asked Brown + Associates (B + A) to create the introductory campaign for Solitude IGR.
One of IGR's goals is to cultivate relationships with brand name retailers, said Steve Cunningham, IGR CEO, who said signing up retailers that shoppers already associate with service and quality products gives customers more confidence about registering via the Internet.
Combining these values with the distance that the pulsar has appeared to have traveled from the center of the MSH 11-61A, astronomers estimate that IGR J11014 is moving at a speed between 5.
Spearman rank order correlation tests (Zar 1984) were used to determine correlations between IGRs and RNA/DNA and IGR and DNA of fed and unfed hatchlings.
In addition, Sur La Table's in-store registry system will automatically send information on registry sales to IGR's Wedding Network Web site, according to IGR, based in Denver.
IGR will also be granted an option to acquire the gas pipeline rights from InfraStrata, in return for the company being carried for a further GBP200,000 of expenditure by Integrated GeoRenewables (Dorset).
Usually, the spin axis and jets of a pulsar point in the same direction as they are moving, but IGR J11014-6103's spin axis and direction of motion are almost at right angles.
The stellar-mass black hole powering this super wind is known as IGR J17091-3624, or IGR J17091 for short.