IGRMIrish Geological Research Meeting (Ireland)
IGRMIrish Gay Rights Movement (Dublin, Ireland)
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Similarly, when the real parameter [[phi].sub.m] in IGRM (1,1, [[phi].sub.m]) is extended into an interval grey number, IGRM (1,1, [[phi].sub.m]) can be seen as a standard interval grey prediction model, which is structured as same as the DGM (1,1) model in formula (12).
In this paper, IGRM (1,1, [[phi].sub.m]) model will be used to forecast the trend of alteration in the concentration of DDT.
A dynamic grey prediction model of the concentration of DDT in the atmosphere is built by adopting IGRM (1,1, [[phi].sub.m]) model, and the modeling processes are described in detail in the following steps.
Then, parameters [F.sub.s] and [F.sub.w] of IGRM (1,1, [[phi].sub.m]) can be computed as follows:
Step 3 (IGRM (1,1, [[phi].sub.m]) model of the concentration of DDT in the atmosphere).
Formula (51) is the IGRM (1,1, [[phi].sub.m]) model of the concentration of DDT in the atmosphere.
Finally, the synthetic simulated error A of IGRM (1,1,$>m) model of the concentration of DDT in the atmosphere can be calculated as follows:
It is shown that the precision of IGRM (1,1, [[phi].sub.m]) model is between the first and second classes according to the level of accuracy test reference table [28].
Before modeling, the precision of simulation or prediction of IGRM (1,1, [[phi].sub.m]) model may be improved by various measures according to practical situations: (1) optimizing the initial and background values of IGRM (1,1, [[phi].sub.m]) model by ameliorating the smoothness degree of modeling sequence, (2) or combination of different methods, and so forth.
The IGRM provides a common, practical framework enabling organizations to establish information governance programs that more effectively deal with the rising volume and diversity of information and the risks, costs, and complications this presents.
The IGRM provides an integrated process and policy framework for that collaboration.
Working together, these two globally recognized and highly respected groups are collaborating on initiatives to help organizations address policies and practices, including an EDRM white paper integrating the IGRM with the GARP[R] Principles.