IGSASIstanbul Gubre Sanayii A.S. (Turkey)
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(112) The policy tasks the "Air Force Community Partnership Program" (AFCP) with developing and managing the IGSAs and to provide the necessary guidance to forming community partnerships.
(117) IGSAs are exempt from laws governing the award of government contracts, however, AF policy requires acquisitions using this authority implement a contract that complies with the FAR.
The Navy and Marines utilize IGSAs with the Marines following the Navy's implementation guidance.
Finally, the command must answer the IGSAs "requirements for success." (156) The checklist determines if all requirements have been satisfied by the proposal.
One thing is for certain with IGSAs, the Army's guidance will change.
(111) The Army has thirteen completed or in progress IGSAs. Email from Joshua T.
The IGSA is a new method to help ease the burden and reduce the costs for installation support services.
This paper will analyze the IGSA statute and detail the Army guidance and procedures for approval.
To meet the true intent of an IGSA, the FY 2015 NDAA amended the statute.
The FY 2015 NDAA amendments leave us with the current IGSA statute.
Following are examples of how the USAG POM-PMSA IGSA partnership has benefited the Army:
These are just a few examples of how the USAG POM-PMSA IGSA has benefited the Army because of a trusting partnership relationship instead of a government to contractor relationship.