IGSMInterim Ground Station Module (Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System; US DoD)
IGSMInternational Geodetic Student Meeting
IGSMI'm Going Slightly Mad (Queen song)
IGSMIndian General Service Medal
IGSMIntermediate General Support Maintenance
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They then linked the IGSM model to detailed models of water use for a large portion of Asia encompassing China, India, and many smaller nations.
The IGSM model also allowed the team to look at how, under the same variables, scenarios change according to countries.
The IGSM model reported RF values of -4.4 mW [m.sup.-2] for sulfate aerosols and -7.5 mW [m.sup.-2] for nitrate aerosols (see Table 7).
While seven models (CAM4, CAM5, IGSM, GISS-E2, GEOSCCM, GATOR-GCMOM, and GEOS-CHEM; see Table 1) simulated climate impacts for 2006, the first five models simulated climate impacts for 2050 scenarios for selected components of aircraft emissions (see Table 4).
The climate effects of these scenarios as simulated by MIT IGSM replication of the three AO GCMs identified above is shown in Figure 24.
The IGSM, even though it is not the objective system, still has significant operational utility.
Like the IGSM, the Block I GSM will be mounted in an S-280 shelter on a standard 5-ton truck and will contain two workstations.
IGSM did not provide information on deal terms in its statement.
Old World Sausage Factory has been in business since 1954 and will now be operating as a wholly owned IGSM subsidiary.
Now MIT has included economic development, technological change, and social policy in the IGSM models.
The IGSM models the interactions and feedbacks between the Earth systems, such as the ocean, atmosphere, and land, and human activities such as economic development and emissions.
Prinn, The Role of Non-C[O.sub.2] Greenhouse Gases in Climate Policy: Analysis Using the MIT IGSM, MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change, Report No.