IGTOIsrael Government Tourist Office
IGTOInteractive Getting to Outcomes (Internet system)
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The following year, IGTO adverts in UK national newspapers , which implied that East Jerusalem is part of Israel, were also banned by ASA.
Ms Colborne added: "Despite all these rulings by ASA, the IGTO continues to use false advertising in its tourist promotions.
Our study does not negate that nation-states' IGTO participation is affected by their level of economic and technological development, as the functional-realist perspective suggests.
In Appendix 2, Figures 1-3 show the mean number of IGTO memberships for nation-states by region (in 1970 and 1990), by colonial history, and by age (established before and after 1945) respectively.
Figures 4 and 5 in Appendix 2 show the negative relationship between nation-states' economic openness and their IGTO participation.