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IGUSInternational Group for Unstable Substances (OECD)
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Becton Dickinson engineers have been frequent users of igus products.
As an alternative to injection molding, igus offers customers the option of machining spherical balls from their desired material from the iglide bar stock product range.
Viracon shipped the IGUs to Midwest, and Midwest fabricated the individual aluminum curtain wall units to be installed on the project by AGA.
"Comprising an upper and lower shell, which when fitted together is completely closed, the e-skin is simple to open and close," says Igus director Justin Leonard.
In fact, he told Igus it would be a "waste of time".
Combined with Starphire glass in a standard 1-inch IGU, Sungate glass has visible light transmittance (VLT) of 80 percent, along with a solar-heat-gain coefficient (SHGC) of 0.68 and a winter nighttime U-value of 0.28.
In addition to their 'traditional' advantages of freedom from maintenance and lubrication, all igus products are without hazardous substances.
Trelleborg, which is headquartered in the United Kingdom but has an office in Northboro, is one of their larger clients, as is Igus, a German company.
For this reason, igus has developed a polymer Energy Chain made of a detectable polymer.
Karnataka, June 26 -- igus has given its micro-chains for tight design spaces a makeover and come up with a new modular system: clever design tricks such as the double stop system or the "brake" make the E2 micro versions even sturdier and quieter than their predecessors.