IGVImpuesto General A Las Ventas (General Sales Tax; Peru)
IGVInlet Guide Vanes
IGVIstituto di Genetica Vegetale (Italian: Institute of Vegetebal Genetics)
IGVInstitut für Getreideverarbeitung Gmbh (German: Institute for Cereal Processing Ltd)
IGVIncremental Growth Vehicle
IGVImproved Guardrail V
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IGV will leverage the platform of Sony group and Daiwa Securities Group while supporting the Fund's portfolio companies and striving to maximize the Fund's performance.
Integrative genomics viewer (IGV) exploration: The peak files along with their corresponding ChIP files and RNA-seq files were integratively observed together in IGV platform (Figure 1C).
Structural variant analysis was performed using BreaKmer, (19) followed by review of reads in IGV. BreaKmer used a split-read, assembly, and realignment approach for calling structural variants at a target gene level.
The ESR1 mutation was undetected in variant caller but was found at a frequency of 0.5% when manually inspected in IGV. Moreover, this was confirmed by ddPCR (data not shown).
The Index of General Vulnerability (IGV), which included all variables and indicators from the three components of vulnerability (except the Climate Index), was higher in a cluster of municipalities in the northeastern part of the state and, to a lesser extent, in the northern and part of the eastern region (Figure 8).
Raw data from high throughput sequencing was analyzed by Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV) software (Figure 2(b)).