IHACInformation Highway Advisory Council
IHACInstitute for the History of Ancient Civilizations (Changchun, China)
IHACInhouse Appraisal Corporation
IHACI Have A Customer
IHACIndustrial Health Advisory Committee
IHACInternational Humanitarian Aid Concern
IHACIndustry Hills Aquatic Club (City of Industry, CA)
IHACIntergovernmental Higher Academic Council (Russia)
IHACInternational Historic Automobile Club
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Since 1992, when the HRT earned the award (the fourth hospital in the country to earn it), other regional hospitals (HR) of the SHS-DF integrated the IHAC, as follows: HR of Sobradinho (1995), HMIB, HR of Ceilandia and Planaltina (1996), HR of Gama and Brazilandia (1998), HR of Asa Norte (1999) and Unidade Mista de Sao Sebastiao/Casa de Parto--2004.
As a more concrete action to improve BF prevalence in the municipality of Guarapuava, we can mention IHAC and the two hospitals in the municipality which are trying to accredit this strategy.
Apesar dos dados controversos, o uso do copinho como via de transicao da alimentacao e uma pratica no nosso servico, seguindo as recomendacoes da IHAC, que desaconselha o uso de bicos artificiais.
In its final report, Preparing Canada for a Digital World (1997), IHAC noted that the committee's "sense of urgency has not abated":
Atualmente, sao 10 os requisitos a serem atendidos para habilitacao na IHAC. E importante notar que o Brasil e o unico pais no mundo a exigir o cumprimento desses requisitos no processo de credenciamento de Hospitais Amigos da Crianca (HAC).
(7) Established in August of 1997 pursuant to the IHAC recommendations mentioned above, the ACHI had a broad mandate to "...
In 1994, the Information Highway Advisory Council (IHAC) was established to study how best to develop and use the Internet and other technology for data collection.
In 1994 an Information Highway Advisory Council (IHAC) was established.
Government bodies like the Information Highway Advisory Council (IHAC) and SchoolNet have a mandate to maximize the use of information technology in schools to close the "mythical" gap between skills and labour market needs, and to maintain "prosperity".
Em ambiente hospitalar, a Iniciativa Hospital Amigo da Crianca (IHAC) (7) e uma das principais estrategias, contando, inclusive com os dez passos para o sucesso do aleitamento materno.