IHAVEInternational Hate and Violence Education Foundation
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I painted a large piece of slate rock I acquired with a nice scene and the number of my house and put it outside my front door, since then Ihave had requests from friends and neighbours to paint one for them too, and them kindly insisting to pay for it which has enabled me to buy more bags of stones from the local garden centre to paint and hide for the children, (and adults and dogs Ihave discovered) to find.
ntioned nd h re Someone mentioned over the weekend what a top notch job promoters are doing in the city (and elsewhere) - Ihave to say I agree 100%.
Ihave known for many years now of Bill Telfer's contention concerning predators and their prey (Voice of the North, May 10).
"Ihave never known such arrogance in a Minister or seen anyone behave in such a cavalier way on such an important issue
IHAVE been considering buying a property to rent and the cottage next to my home is for sale.
UNFAIR 'NEWS' IHAVE great sympathy for Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, because of the continuing guerilla warfare being waged by half-kin relatives and her estranged father.
I do a lot of snorkelling and have swum with seals before but Ihave never had any dealings with "It will probably never happen again.
NARCISSUS TETE A TETE Ihave lots of these in pots by my front door and they always make me smile.
IHAVE just returned from awonderful weekend in Liverpool.
"I didn't know much aboutPeterborough before coming here, but I had heard of it - Ihave heard of everywhere, I've even heard of Derby."
IHAVE just listened to a debate on Radio 5 about the Strictly Come Dancing row.
IHAVE often been offended by Anna Smith's views on the English, which are frankly borderline racist.