IHBIInstitute of Health and Biomedical Innovation (Kelvin Grove, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)
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An inclusion of SDS into the aqueous system, the [tau] value is increased, while with DTAB, the [tau] value slightly decreases due to the stronger IHI domination over IHbI. On increasing 0.000096 to 0.0012 M/mol x [L.sup.-1]SDS, the [tau] value drastically increased with higher polarization, strong compactness, and the mobility of the micelles could be decreased.
For the DTAB-rich system, the Z value decreases with stronger IHbI dominant over IHI.
At the IHBI, visiting high school students are given a tour of the labs and get to see 3D printing of bone tissue scaffolds in action.
A compound, (PSP), which is extracted from the 'turkey tail' mushroom, was found to suppress tumour formation in mice, according to an article by Dr Patrick Ling, from the Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre-Queensland and Institute for Biomedical Health and Innovation (IHBI).
Dr Adrian Barnett from Queensland University of Technology's (QUT's) Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation (IHBI) said the numbers showed that winters in Australia posed a greater risk to health than winters in cold northern European countries such as Finland and Sweden.
Shirly Sieh, a PhD student at IHBI, is studying the way cancer cells escape from the prostate through the bloodstream to form tumour colonies, most often in the spine and long bones.
"It is an innovative study which uses a tissue engineering platform technology developed by IHBI's Professor Dietmar W.