IHCPInstitute for Health and Consumer Protection
IHCPIntrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy (dermatosis)
IHCPIndiana Health Coverage Programs
IHCPInduction Hardened and Chrome Plated
IHCPIncrement Hazard Control Plan
IHCPIzeni Hosted Communications Platform
IHCPIndependent Health & Care Provider (Northern Ireland; UK)
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28, 2009, all accredited Institutional Health Care Providers (IHCPs) who have already been reimbursed of National Health Insurance Program (NHIP) benefit claims made on the patient-member's accounts are required to refund the member-claimant within 60 days from receipt of the reimbursement from PhilHealth.
The foundation of IHCP is the existing Trinamic Motion Control Language (TMCL) that has been modified to carry Heliostat Application Protocol commands as a payload.
Auditors said the unclaimed benefits should have been returned to member-claimants by the IHCPs within 60 calendar days from the receipt of reimbursement from PhilHealth.
For r = 1, (15) can be reduced to 13) which is called Stolz algorithm because Stolz [15] was the first to apply Duhamel's theorem to the IHCP for the single sensor single future temperature case.
The IHCP (Inverse Heat Conduction Problem) applied for the interface between the melt and substrate is shown schematically in Figure 3; the bounding conditions for the governing differential equation (2) are expressed in (3), (4), and (5) 11] as follows:
In this paper, a two-dimensional IHCP is solved by RBFs as a truly meshless/meshfree method.
Therefore as being a numerical method, we can first solve the above IHCP for v(x, t) by using the MFS in Section 5.4 to obtain a linear equations system and then the method introduced in Section 4 to solve the resultant linear equations system.
Automatic numerical solution of generalized 2-d ihcp by discrete mollification.
"The IHCP is working with government and stakeholders like Age NI to devise original and workable ways to modernise the social care system to cope with both the growth in the numbers of older people and the spiralling cost of social care.
Then the objective of the IHCP is to reconstruct a boundary heat flux which leads to this temperature history at sensor locations.
In 1999, Nguyen and Prystay [7] used IHCP to estimate this initial condition in an ISBM process by using conjugate gradient method with adjoint problem assuming a constant conductivity for polyethylene therephthalate (PET).