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(Ihde 2007, 83) What appears to be simply a cataloging of the forms of sensory experience registered when attention is trained intensively on the experience of hearing in fact turns out to be ripe for a reading that links relativity to relation, and fruitfully rethinks the boundaries of the individual as always already porous.
This year's recipient of the Piano Technicians Guild Foundatino Scholarship is Kirst!n Ihde. Ihde is currently assistant professor of piano at the University of Wiscons!n-Oshkosh.
Assim, como podemos ver, geralmente filosofos da tecnologia (i) alinham as teses de Feyerabend com a filosofia da ciencia pospositivista e (ii) restringem as contribuicoes feyerabendianas para a filosofia da tecnologia a recusa da superioridade da ciencia (Ihde, 1993).
Depending upon a child's familiarity with the material may alter the experience of the thingness (Ihde, 1990) of it, moving them into an immaterial experiential world.
Postphenomenologists such as Don Ihde (2009) propose that researchers should examine the use of materials, objects and how people go about it.
Many previous surveys of Carcinus maenas relied either partially or entirely on baited traps for collecting animals, but this method has been shown to bias collections toward larger individuals in crustaceans (Miller 1990, Ihde et al.
This paper's method of inquiry is phenomenology, a science of human experience promulgated by European philosophers (Husserl 1962; Merleau-Ponty 2002) and applied to problems of human-technology interface by North American scholars (Ihde 1979; Pilotta, Mickunas 1990; Weber 1996).
Ihde et al., "Diet-driven microbiota dysbiosis is associated with vagal remodeling and obesity," Physiology & Behavior, vol.