IHDIInterdisciplinary Human Development Institute (University of Kentucky)
IHDIInternational Hearing Dog Inc.
IHDII Highly Doubt It
IHDIIschemic Heart Disease Index
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The report says that ideally the HDI and the IHDI should be equal.
The prospective, multicenter, randomized trial included 649 patients with stage III melanoma who received either three courses of iHDI or the conventional HDI 1-year regimen.
Denmark, ranked 34th in terms of GDP and 8th in the IHDI, represents a rare case of having the best of both worlds.
Thus, the IHDI, MPI, GII and such other DRTs have not addressed the robust expanse of Sustainable Development domains.
The IHDI is designed to be "directly comparable to the HDI, reflecting inequality in each dimension of the HDI for a large number of countries." Id.
Spojene staty a Izrael se v zebricku IHDI propadaji zejmena z duvodu nerovnomerneho rozdelovani prijmu, ackoli rozdilny pristup ke zdravotni peci je zejmena v USA rovnez vyznamnou pricinou ztraty IHDI, zatimco znacne rozdily v pristupu ke vzdelani mezi jednotlivymi generacemi maji na svedomi propad jihokorejskeho IHDI.
This indicator is also integrated in other complex indicators for countries comparison in terms of achievement of sustainable development and quality of life--Quality of life index, HDI, IHDI etc.
The US and Israel drop in the report's Inequality-adjusted HDI (IHDI) mainly because of income inequality, though health care is also a factor in the US ranking change, while wide education gaps between generations detract from Korea's IHDI performance.
The US and Israel drop in the report's Inequality-adjusted HDI (IHDI) mainly because of income inequality, while wide education gaps detract from the Republic of Korea's IHDI performance.
UNDP's Human Development Report 2010 introduces a new version of HDI: Inequality-adjusted Human Development Index (IHDI).
The 'Inequality Adjusted HDI (IHDI)' is a new measure which takes into account inequality in all three dimensions of the HDI.