IHDSIntegrated Health Delivery System
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However, DM, smoking, dyslipidemia, and abdominal obesity were important risk factors for ischemic heart disease (IHD) in sub-Saharan Africa (12).
They reported chronic liver disease (CLD) had the highest mortality at 16.8%, followed by cerebrovascular accidents (CVAs) 14% and ischaemic heart disease (IHD) 7.8%.5 Another study showed that IHD was responsible for most of the deaths (32%), followed by cerebrovascular accidents (20.05%), CLD (14.35%), malignancies (6.09%), meningitis (5.8%), TB (3.04%), COPD (1.67%), septicaemia (1.47%) and pneumonia (1.37%).6 Possible reasons for this difference are increase in incidence of mutant infectious agents and antibiotic resistance.
The energy savings from the M-Power program come from two distinct features of the program: information feedback from IHDs and the prepay mechanism.
Except for the IHDS, there are no standardized cutoff points for the other neurocognitive assessment instruments in Brazil.
The main objective of our study was to estimate the prevalence of cognitive impairment and associated factors in a city in Southern Brazil using the IHDS, Grooved Pegboard Test, Color Trails Tests 1 and 2, Finger Tapping Test, and the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) test.
Ischemic heart disease (IHD) is a modern epidemic and considered as a public health problem.
This has included a rapid expansion in the number of primary schools in the decade preceding the IHDS data collection in 2005 (De et al., 2011).
NCAER (The National Council of Applied Economic Research) (2011-12) IHDS (India Human Development Survey) http://ihds.umd.edu/index.html
(14.) An exception is the share of aggregate income from exogenous sources, or Ely (cf., Appendix), which is computed at the state-level from IHDS data described below.
For example, a customer can adjust the power usage based on the detailed energy consumption information and the dynamic peak price, which can be displayed on some in-home display (IHD) units.
During nearly four years of follow-up, researchers identified 634 cases of MIs and 1,781 cases of IHDs. Relative to people with normal weight, the hazards of MI were increased with overweight and obesity and were statistically equivalent whether or not patients had metabolic syndrome.