IHDTIndoor Horse Driving Trials (UK)
IHDTIntegrated Helicopter Design Tools
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(i) For a sufficiently small dt, as t [not equal to] [t.sub.k], we have [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]; that is, as dt [right arrow] 0, |[psi](dt)> = (I - iHdt)|[psi](0)>.
Moreover, as dt [right arrow] 0, we have <[[psi].sub.f]|[[psi]([t.sup.*] + dt)> = <[[psi].sub.f][absolute value (I - iHdt)][psi]([t.sup.*])> = dt[-i cos([[lambda].sub.0][t.sup.*])-sin([[lambda].sub.0][t.sup.*])] [[summation].sup.r.sub.l=1] <[[psi].sub.f][absolute value of [H.sub.l][u.sub.1l]([t.sup.*])][psi](0)>.