IHEAInternational Health Economics Association
IHEAInternational Hunter Education Association
IHEAIndustrial Heating Equipment Association
IHEAInstitute of Hospital Engineering Australia
IHEAInternational Health Evaluation Association
IHEAIndustrial Health Engineering Association
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Wayne East is the current executive director, and the best way to summarize or explain what IHEA does is to say that it works behind the scenes, maintaining a comprehensive database of hunting-related incidents.
IHEA quietly goes about its business, providing teaching aides and the resources needed for instructors across the country.
But for the three-year period from 2003 to 2005, the IHEA tallied 46 reported hunting accidents in Arkansas including 10 fatalities.
Canada and Mexico make up the IHEA, which strives to continue the heritage of hunting by developing safe, responsible and knowledgeable hunters.
IHEA seeks to uphold the image of hunting, promote programs to prevent hunting accidents and promote honesty, self-discipline, self-reliance, responsible behavior and good citizenship.
We are grateful to Richard Hirth, Kimberly Rask, and seminar participants at the 2007 ASSAHERO session, the 2007 AHEC meeting, the 2007 IHEA meeting and the Policy Analysis and Management Seminar at Cornell University.
The authors acknowledge the helpful suggestions of Doug Wholey, Roger Feldman, Marsha Gold, and the participants in a session at the 1999 IHEA meetings in which a draft of this paper was presented.