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IHES was founded in 1958 by the businessman Leon Motchane, the physicist Robert Oppenheimer and the mathematician Jean Dieudonne, and it has since become a leading institute for fundamental research.
Of the three major factors described by Lee and Choi, the only factor that could be directly controlled by IHEs was course/ program factors.
As a February report from Education Sector found, IHEs can effectively lower default rates.
Education--of students, communities, and governments--is the primary goal of IHEs. The education of students in critical inquiry ensures a future generation of researchers, who in turn may share their knowledge to the benefit of their communities and society as a whole in such varied specialties as education, public service, medicine, and law.
This Note argues that nonclinician administrators employed by IHEs do not have a special relationship with their students such that they have a duty to act with reasonable care to prevent a foreseeable student suicide.
This book begins by describing the changes higher education is undergoing as a result of the tremendous growth of for-profit IHEs. These institutions "are redefining the academy by treating education as a commodity, offering programs that focus specifically on job training, and exclusively employing contingent faculty members" (p.
Critical issues that must be addressed by IHEs include methods to: a) improve the performance of students with disabilities in general education curriculum through collaborative training of general and special educators during the pre-service and in-service periods; b) meet the critical crisis in personnel shortage in partner Local Education Agencies (LEA) by increasing their capacity to access state resources for career ladder alternative credential programs; and c) recruit quality personnel to better serve the needs of this population.
Estimating the cost of producing academic outputs is complicated by the fact that many, if not most, IHEs produce multiple products.
(Note: The National Association for College Admissions Counseling is maintaining a list of IHEs with extended deadlines.)
Could this possibly be the unintended consequence of successful efforts over the past 30 years to ensure that IHEs are provided considerable flexibility in documenting and accounting for costs charged to their grants?
This guide describes the requirements of the 1989 amendments to the "Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act" (DFSCA), as articulated in the "Education Department General Administrative Regulations" (EDGAR) Part 86,--the Drug-Free Schools and Campuses Regulations--and ways in which institutions of higher education (IHEs) have met these requirements.
Over the past decade, IHEs have focused on a classroom technology complement that includes a computer, a network connection, and some degree of audiovisual presentation, three components that in concert provide the instructor with a powerful set of tools for lecture.