IHESInstitut des Hautes Études Scientifiques (Institute of Advanced Research in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics in France)
IHESInternational House Eastern Spain (Barcelona, Spain)
IHESInstitute of Healthcare Executives and Suppliers (consortium; Franklin, TN)
IHESIndia Hook Elementary School (Rock Hill, SC)
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Diagnostic criteria for IHES includes: a) eosinophil count of > 1.
Differential diagnosis for IHES includes parasitic infections, malignancy, Churg-Strauss syndrome; immune diseases (like hyper IgE syndrome) and vasculitis.
Mortality rate for IHES ranges from 70 to 80% at 3 years if left untreated.
President of IHES, Craig Coad, added: "Currently, the inability of physicians to provide immediate and meaningful feedback to their patients directly relates to the lack of on-site cholesterol and HDL testing.