IHFAIdaho Housing and Finance Association (Boise, ID)
IHFAIrish Holstein Friesian Association
IHFAIndependent Hardee's Franchisee Association
IHFAInternational Helicopter Firefighters Association
IHFAIntercounty Health Facilities Association (Nassau/Suffolk, Long Island, NY)
IHFAIntegrated High-Frequency Antenna
IHFAIn Hands of Foreign Authorities
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It will literally open up a billion pound business overnight,' said Naved Syed, boss of ethnic food manufacturer Eastern Food in Digbeth and founding director of the IHFA.
Neither IHFA, the Dealer Manager, or the Depositary and Information Agent makes any recommendation as to whether or not holders should sell Bonds pursuant to the Invitation, and no one has been authorized by any of them to make such a recommendation.
The class III bonds are supported by the assets of the indenture and are based on the general obligation (GO) pledge of IHFA rated 'A+' (see Sept.
IHFA invites Bondholders to offer to sell their Bonds, upon the terms and subject to the conditions set forth the Invitation, at purchase prices to be determined by a modified Dutch Auction.
Based on a review of the terms governing bank bonds specified in the agreement it is Fitch's opinion that the incremental risk associated with bank bonds at this time does not have a material impact on the long-term GO rating of IHFA.
MAINTAINED MODERATE FINANCIAL POSITION: IHFA was able to maintain its moderate financial position amongst state HFAs even through the continuous weak economic factors and a challenging housing market.
Proceeds from this fund will be used solely to help individual Hardee's franchisee employees meet basic needs, whether for housing, food or other essentials, said Lee Staak, IHFA president.
In addition to being a founding board member of IHFA, Ponder serves on the current IHFA board.
Staak said Hardee's is listening and working with franchisees like never before and the IHFA franchisees, representing 1,200 restaurants, "are committed to working with CKE by bringing a solid, grounded perspective.
00 coverage would normally present a credit concern, comfort is gained by the presence of active IHFA management.
The IHFA believes that the results of the market research and customer feedback are compelling.
Unemployment compensation revenue bonds are special, limited obligations of the IHFA secured by the trust estate, including required payments of bond principal derived from the state's unemployment benefit account, which is funded by state unemployment benefit payroll taxes.