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IHHIndian Hedgehog (chromosome)
IHHInstitute for Health and Healing (California Pacific Medical Center)
IHHInstitute for Hispanic Health (National Council for La Raza)
IHHInternational Humanitaire Hilfsorganization (German: International Humanitarian Auxiliary Organization; various locations)
IHHInner Harbour Hospital (Douglasville, GA)
IHHIndependent Holiday Hostels in Ireland
IHHIntegris Heart Hospital (Oklahoma City, OK)
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He told Anadolu Agency that IHH also planned to rebuild the homes of Palestinians orphans, which were totally or partially destroyed during the recent conflict.
The agreement, signed by QC chief executive officer Yousef bin Ahmad al-Kuwari and IHH president Fahmi Bulent Yeldrim, also aims to strengthen ties and to promote co-operation between the two organisations.
The flotilla will again include Mavi Marmara, but the initiative is "by no means encouraged by the Turkish government," the IHH deputy head Durmus Aydin said.
A "otilla of six ships, sent to Gaza by "otilla of six ships, sent to Gaza by IHH in 2010, was raided by Israeli commandos and nine activists were shot dead.
IHH chairman Bulent Yildrim told local Turkish media last week that the activists will set sail as they had received permission from the authorities in Ankara and that the Turkish Navy will provide protection.
In a belated response to last week's IHH call for revenge attacks on Jews, Erdogan on July 19 issued a statement declaring, "I don't find appropriate any attitude against the Jewish citizens of Turkey.
Having previously assisted needy families in Pakistan with social responsibility projects, IHH began building orphanages since 2005 with the help of philanthropists.
In addition, for the first half of 2013, IHH's Singapore healthcare operations contributed about 35 per cent and 30 per cent of IHH Group's revenue and EBITDA respectively in SGD, providing a natural currency link to the Sukuk's underlying stock.
Turkish Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) IHH organized in cooperation with Qatar Eid, a humanitarian aid campaign which aims to deliver to ten thousand families in Syria a box with food and medication enough to go on with one month.
Turkish aid agency IHH mediated the victims' release.
Their 10-vehicle convoy carrying medical supplies was named "Mavi Marmara" in honour of a ship involved in a 2010 deadly flotilla incident, according to Huseyin Oruc of IHH, a Turkish humanitarian relief organisation.
They are at various police stations handling the exchange," said Huseyin Oruc, deputy president of the Humanitarian Relief Foundation, an organisation widely known by its Turkish acronym IHH.