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IHHIndian Hedgehog (chromosome)
IHHInstitute for Health and Healing (California Pacific Medical Center)
IHHInstitute for Hispanic Health (National Council for La Raza)
IHHInternational Humanitaire Hilfsorganization (German: International Humanitarian Auxiliary Organization; various locations)
IHHInner Harbour Hospital (Douglasville, GA)
IHHIndependent Holiday Hostels in Ireland
IHHIntegris Heart Hospital (Oklahoma City, OK)
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18) pipeline of hospitals across Greater China as IHH sets out to make China its fifth home market.
En el aspecto de la concentracion, tiene un crecimiento anual del IHH inapreciable (0,20%).
IHH, which is listed both on Bursa Malaysia and Singapore Exchange, has also stated that PPL has inked the deal for the funding facility on 15th of this month.
In addition, some projects included distribution of food parcels to the people in the camps of displaced people in Myanmar in co-operation with IHH.
During the distribution period, we are working in coordination with IHH.
Malaysia-based IHH Healthcare Berahad is the world's second-largest healthcare provider on the basis of market capitalisation.
Acibadem had entered into a deal to buy 100% of issued and outstanding shares of Tokushukai-Sofia EOOD and its subsidiaries (Tokuda Group), for EUR 65 M, IHH said in a filing to the Singapore ExchangeA on Thursday.
Spokesman Serkan Nergis said IHH was providing temporary shelter in tent camps near the crossing.
IHH causes physiological changes in individuals living at high-altitude, who show hypoxemia due to the reduced oxygen pressure.
sup][3] Discrimination between IHH and CDP is of great importance in terms of treatment; however, in most cases, differentiation is very difficult.
The research paper is based on interviews conducted with both junior and senior officials from the IHH, all of whom have been involved either in the formulation or in the conduct of the IHH's mediation practices.
Izzet Sahin, the IHH official leading the negotiations with the kidnappers, told the agency the families of the victims had contacted the Turkish charity as a last resort after exhausting all other means to save the pair.