IHHPInstitute for Health and Human Potential
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The IHHP was launched in two interventional areas (Isfahan and the neighbouring Najafabad city) and one reference area Arak--all located in central part of Iran.
The IHHP strategies had integrated activities covering different fields, including health promotion, disease prevention, healthcare, and rehabilitation.
The IHHP leaders and the HFHC staff supported the new bread in its health value through leaflets, posters, and disseminating the issue of healthy bread in the media, alone or with other health issues.
Process evaluations of the whole IHHP interventions (13) as well as nutritional interventions, including the HB Initiative, were previously published (14).
The proportion of whole bread consumption in Isfahan city and Arak city were extracted from the IHHP database.
The mean age of participants in the IHHP surveys was 41.
Mean [+ or -] SD of obesity indices based on gender and age-groups: IHHP Total Age-group mean [+ or -] SD (years) BMI 19-29 * 23.