IHIAInternational Homicide Investigators Association (est. 1988)
IHIAInternational Health Impact Assessment (UK)
IHIAInternational Hockey Industry Association
IHIAIndigenous Housing and Infrastructure Agreement (Australia)
IHIAInclude this Headquarters as Information Addressee
IHIAI Hate It All
IHIAIntrahepatic Canine Islet Allografts (transplantation)
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Darhim Dali Hashim, CEO of IHIA (International Halal Integrity Alliance), a prominent scholar on Halal trade, is also arriving from Malaysia to deliver a brief note on importance of global Halal Standards and Certification.
IHIA chairman Finbar Murphy said: "This ban could destroy the competitiveness of the hospitality sector and we hope the Government will begin a full examination of its plan.
IHIA Chairman Finbar Murphy said: "We hope the report will spur the Government into a fuller examination of the proposed ban as it could destroy the competitiveness of the hospitality sector.