IHINIrische Hunde in Not (German: Irish Dogs in Distress)
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Figure 4 shows the typical FTIR spectra of ihe plasma polycyanurate ihin films prepared from monomer MPCE.
Similar results were also observed in the PPMPCE and PPPPCE ihin films (see Fig.
Second, the plasma deposited polycyanurale ihin films have a high concenlralion of radicals, and the rotation of radicals in polycyanurale thin films may result in an increase in the polarization in the low frequency region (321.
The structure and morphology of Ihe obtained plasma polycyanurate ihin films were analyzed by FTIR and SEM.
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On the Songzi Guanyin figure or its importation into Kyushu, see Yu, Kuan-yin, 126-30; Kirishitan Kankei Ihin Hen, 6; Miyazaki, "Kakure Kirishitan," 28.
Il was developed for steady-state thennal characterization by comparing the experimental tempera-lure distribution in a ihin specimen (thickness Less than 1 mm), typically 50 mm long and 5 mm wide, wilh thai predicted by an analytical solution.