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IHLI Have Lost
IHLInternational Hockey League
IHLInternational Humanitarian Law
IHLInstitutions of Higher Learning
IHLInternet Header Length
IHLInternational House of Logorrhea
IHLImprisonment with Hard Labour
IHLInteractive Hidden Line
IHLIdiopathic Hearing Loss
IHLI Hate Life
IHLIdiopathic Hepatic Lipidosis
IHLIntelligence Handover Line
IHLInternational Homeopathic League
IHLInternational Handgun Leather (Phoenix, AZ)
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Legal experts, academics and military personnel will engage in a constructive dialogue and exchange to explore correspondences between Buddhism and IHL and what guidance Buddhism can provide to those engaged in or caught up in armed conflict.
The IHL Insight Market View Positioning Map displays vendors using a three-dimensional view of the market, which encompasses evaluating a vendor's strength based on global reach, size of accounts, growth of revenue and R&D funding, and market share.
IHL's Hash is available in a number of different flavor which are all winning remarkably good feedback from their enthusiastic and loyal customer-base.
The Liberia IHL Committee has already finalized a bill on the domestication of the Geneva Conventions and their Additional Protocols, pending submission to plenary of the National Legislature shortly.
It is up to all states to 'respect and ensure respect' for IHL acts and treaties 'in all circumstances.' The strength of multilateralism that was at work in 1949 should inspire current leaders toward similar actions in the future.
In light of these violations of IHL, she asked the OHCHR to remind India of its obligations under humanitarian law, specifically of the duty to protect civilians and, to this end, distinguish between the civilian population and civilian objects, on one hand, and combatants and military objectives on the other.
She reaffirmed the relevance and the importance for a universal acceptance and implementation of IHL to assert the protective power of IHL and for a global engagement to mark the 70th anniversary of the Geneva Convention.
"The NPA members, under the instruction of the CPP leaders have not stopped from attacking civilians and destroying civilian properties in violation of the International Humanitarian Law (IHL).
The attack complied with the IHL requirements of distinction as Dar solely targeted military personnel.
The committee is planning introductory courses on IHL and the role of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in the armed conflict zone for those enlisted in the national service.
(1) Less well understood is what rebel groups understand and think about international humanitarian law (IHL) and their obligations for restraints on violence.