IHNSInstitute for the History of Natural Sciences
IHNSInstitute for Hyper Network Society (Japan; est. 1993)
IHNSInterfaith Hospitality Network of Seattle (Seattle, WA)
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Therefore, IHNs should meet five essential criteria (21): (1) They should not contain any functional gaps; most health problems should find a solution within existing structures.
In practice, the benefits and risks of IHNs are still being debated.
This reform was based on introducing public and private enrolment-based IHNs responsible for enrolment and organization of health care delivery (20): health promotion entities (EPS) for the contributory regime and subsidized regime administrators (ARS).
Policies promoting IHNs received support from almost all international organizations involved in the health sector--in principle, to improve governance and public sector management: the World Bank (38), the World Health Organisation (8), the United Nations (39), and the Pan American Health Organization (4).
The framework proposes analyzing IHN performance, taking into account the internal processes developed by IHNs to achieve their objectives, and the context in which IHNs perform (Figure 1).
Processes and context that influence access to and coordination in IHNs
IHNs are characterized by their integration width (the number of different services provided by the IHN across the care continuum) and depth (extent to which a given service is provided at multiple operating units within a system), geographic concentration of services, internal production of services, and their interorganizational relationships (12).
With these kinds of metrics already in place, we might ask, "How much more operationally efficient can a hematology laboratory be?" An integrated hospital network (IHN) provides a good example.
Costs and labor pressures will continue to weigh heavily on IHN laboratories.
IHN medical technologists review a variety of data to validate results: instrument flags, demographic data, and comparison with previous results without subjective results variations.
PeaeeHealth, a not-for-profit IHN which services Alaska, Washington, and Oregon, consistently receives national recognition for innovations in patient-centered care, patient safety, healthcare technology, and cost efficiency.