IHONIt Happened One Night (movie)
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(nay hold your head upp Ihon, / lyke a goodd boy,) ffrely discharged our selffes" makes clear this action (11.
(27.) The annotation "Fact" Gibson" that accompanies Heywood's direction "Enter Thomas Ashburned the younger brother to Ihon A merchant wth one of his factors" is ambiguous (II.
The younger daughter, who is the narrator and protagonist of Ihon aika, recognizes the damage done to her family by the wars in Karelia and at one point bitterly concludes, "To hell with the whole war generation, better if they'd all died in the Karelian forests." Nevertheless, she has no mercy for her alcoholic, war-veteran father; in her eyes he has no redeeming qualities, and his untimely death in the corner chair of the living room comes as no surprise.
Ihon aika brings many intense topics to the reader's attention, but essentially it is a story of a daughter's growth and self-discovery with both a personal and universal nature, in a novel that will not leave its reader untouched.
(1.) The most complete inscription is located on folio 355v of The woorkes of Geoffrey Chaucer: newlie printed, with diuers addicions, whiche were neuer in print before: with the siege and destruccion of the worthy citee of Thebes, compiled by Ihon Lidgate, monke of Berie: as in the table more plainly doeth appere.
However, its latest instances represent special styles; cf.: (20) 1526 All men counted Ihon, that he was a veri prophett (Tindale Mark xi.