IHOSIndependent Housing Ombudsman Scheme (London, England, UK)
IHOSInternational Hospital Outcomes Study (UK health questionnaire)
IHOSInternational House of Steve (website)
IHOSIntegrated Health Outreach System (Texas)
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We did not collect on-site samples from hogs raised in IHOs or from the confinement barns in which IHO workers were employed.
aureus between IHO workers and their household contacts has been documented in several European countries (Garcia-Graells et al.
O estudo de Fischman (44) demonstrou a existencia de correlacao direta ou positiva (r = 0,97) entre o indice de higiene oral (IHOS) e o indice de dentes permanentes cariados, perdidos e obturados (CPO-D) tanto para indios Chaco quanto para nao indios.
In the course of gathering such intelligence and just by virtue of being on-the-ground in the middle of a conflict, IHOs witness many horrible things.
And, to the extent that some NGOs make a conscious decision to choose sides and not remain neutral, they may affect not only their relationship to combatants, but also how all IHOs are perceived in a particular conflict.
There are some IHOs surviving today that Zirkle considers failures because they haven't achieved market share, yet they remain united because, as the song goes, "breaking up is hard to do."
ROK and US Marines would need to perform this task, as opposed to international humanitarian organizations (IHO), because of the lack of security in a collapsed regime environment and the danger posed by the North Korean military and black market criminals.