IHPAIllinois Historic Preservation Agency
IHPAInternational Hurricane Protection Association
IHPAIowa Historic Preservation Alliance
IHPAInternational Hardwood Products Association (Alexandria, VA)
IHPAInternational Horse Photographers Association
IHPAIowa Honey Producers Association
IHPAIowa Heat Pump Association
IHPAIllinois Horseshoe Pitchers Association
IHPAInstitute for Health Policy Analysis, Inc. (Washington, DC)
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The IHPA is a not-for-profit organization with a membership which includes manufacturers, suppliers, contractors and government agencies involved in hurricane protection systems, information, and education to insure the publics' welfare and safety, therefore minimizing the loss of life and the destruction of property associated with hurricanes.
This was a hot topic when the 2010 Florida Building Code was implemented in March of 2012 and IHPA was successful in getting a "Glitch Change" approved by the Commission to rectify the situation in the 2010 code.
After some discussions Chris McSorley made an offer via e-mail on December 18 offering pounds 100,00 up front, pounds 150,000 within the fiscal year from the date of contract and a further pounds 50,000 to be placed into an account under the control of IHPA to go towards the eventual discharge of players debts.
Frank Bennardo, IHPA Vice President and Professional Engineer, points out that the primary purpose of hurricane and windstorm protection systems is to prevent internal pressurization.
IHPA have been working with last season's Devils players over the money still owed to them by club owners.
IHPA also finds that current self-described 'third-party, independent' certification programs are very expensive, contain criteria addressing social and other issues that are non-quantifiable and often beyond the control of forest managers, and make little, if any positive contribution toward addressing the real issues affecting forest management and/or deforestation.
Well over a year ago, the IHPA launched its "Get The Number" consumer advisory campaign.
The IHPA also criticizes the expensive cost of certification, which they say can cost tens, or even hundreds, of thousands of dollars for the initial certificate.
Dealers interested in tabletop space should contact the IHPA immediately.
org The IHPA has approximately 190 member companies
The board is comprised of industry representatives, including the AWI and IHPA, as well as environmentalists, conservationists, tropical forest scientists and academics.
IHPA and others successfully lobbied against the listing.