IHPPInternational Health Policy Program
IHPPIntergovernmental Health Policy Project
IHPPInstitute for High Pressure Physics
IHPPInstitute for High Performance Planners
IHPPIn-Home Parenting Program
IHPPIntegrated Health Promotion Plan (Australia)
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The IHPP is owned and operated by Ormin Power, Inc.
< [W.sub.(n:n)] have the same distribution as the occurrences of an IHPP with [lambda](t) = [alpha][e.sup.-t].
Data on State Medicaid and workers' compensation programs were gathered by the Intergovernmental Health Policy Project (IHPP).
Vtddc Is Seeking A Contractor To Act As Project Coordinator For Its Inclusive Healthcare Partnership Project (ihpp), Working Collaboratively With Partners Under The Direction Of Vtddc.
(1) International Health Policy Program (IHPP), Ministry of Public Health, Nonthaburi, Thailand.